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Voice Play (3-5 years)

Children are actively engaged in songs and activities to enhance their vocal and aural skills. This programme takes a child-centred-learning approach and involves all students in visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning experiences to make singing easy and fun.

"Bella has had lots of fun in your classes as she is always coming home singing all of your wonderful musical exercises" Iliana Tripolone, Sep 2012

Suzuki Early Childhood Music (0-3 years)

Children are actively involved in singing games, rhymes and movement, and have opportunities throughout each class to play high quality percussion instruments all with the close nurturing support from parent and teacher. The programme adopts the following concepts of early childhood education:
Every child can learn

Ability develops early
Environment nurtures growth
Children learn from one another
Success breeds success
Parent involvement is essential
Encouragement is essential

For more information about Suzuki Early Childhood Music Education please visit the following link:


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